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Imagine sleeping through the night, experiencing fewer hot flashes, and feeling mentally sharp.

This is how my clients feel after I take them through my 5 Step Build Balance Blueprint.

I became an integrative & functional nutrition practitioner because of my own women’s health struggles.

For most of my life I struggled with seemingly unrelated symptoms like extremely painful periods, PMS, bloating, GI issues, acne, hair loss, insomnia and constant fatigue.

I thought this was normal. Just something I had to deal with for the rest of my life. Then when I was 29, my doctor tested my hormones and said my hormones were imbalanced and looked like that of a menopausal woman. ⚠️

I thought to myself, 'At least now I have an answer, my hormone are off.' That’s when I decided that there HAD to be a better way.

I discovered that the solution to all my symptoms was to balance my hormones naturally.

And for the first time, I experienced an absolutely pain-free period (which I never thought would be possible). Easily maintained a healthy weight naturally, improved my energy and moods, my skin cleared up and best of all I’m no longer in early-menopause.

I've partnered with advanced labs across the globe I help other women address the root cause of their symptoms too, the natural way!

Imagine going through your day with plenty of energy, easily maintaining your ideal weight, feeling like your skin & digestion is optimal, and having regular periods.

As a functional & integrative nutrition practitioner, I will look at the body from a holistic perspective and investigate the root cause of your chronic symptoms.

Whether it's irregular cycles, PCOS, acne, migraines, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, or digestion issues like chronic bloating, heartburn, IBS, or even autoimmune conditions or other chronic health issues, I use advance functional testing and a customized step-by-step program to address the root cause.

My specialties

I'm an Integrative & Functional Nutrition Practitioner and proud owner of Eila Rain Health since 2019, I specialize in balancing women's hormones and addressing chronic gut health issues from a root cause approach.

After nearly six enriching years living in Vietnam with my husband, we've returned to Gainesville, FL where I run my online nutrition practice, serving clients locally and globally via Zoom. As a health detective, I collaborate closely with my clients, providing personalized solutions and healing containers rooted in data from their labwork and driven by compassion, empowerment, and holistic care. Join me on a transformative journey towards rebuilding health and achieving balance for a vibrant life.


Success Stories


- Elia Rivera, CLIENT

“I'm so thankful I met Eila! Every goal I made with her at the beginning of our program was achieved 100%! My period is way easier now, I am no longer experiencing hair loss, I have so much more energy AND I lost 20 lbs. Now I recommend Eila to every woman I meet with hormone symptoms. 



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Cycle Syncing Nutrition Bundle

Feeling a bit lost with your hormones? Grab my free cycle syncing nutrition bundle for valuable tips on eating in harmony with your cycle. Let's kickstart your journey towards hormone balance together!

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- Chloe Robbins, CLIENT

"I’ve been working with Eila for about 3 months and already I feel such a huge difference. When I came to her I was having horrific monthly migraines, chronic IBS symptoms, bad acne, my energy was low as was my mood, because was so worried about all of these symptoms as they were impacting on so many areas of my life.

Since implementing some dietary and lifestyle changes, a variety of supplements and a thorough gut healing protocol, I’ve noticed huge improvements in all of these areas. I’ve almost had a migraine free cycle (it lasted a few hours rather than several days), I’m barely bloated anymore, my acne is loads better, I have way more energy and my mood has improved massively. I’ve also dropped almost a stone in weight (14 pounds).

Eila has been amazingly supportive throughout, she’s so friendly and approachable and super knowledgeable - there hasn’t been a question that she hasn’t known the answer to. I can’t recommend working with her enough. I’ll be sad to stop doing so, but she’s given me the tools to improve in so many ways so I can start living my life in the way I want to. I’m so pleased I got to work with her. Thanks Eila!


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